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Ecotourism has become one of the most popular forms of vacationing for many people around the world.  Whether they are seeking a tropical, desert, or arctic destination, vacationers everywhere are looking for alternatives to the traditional idea of fun in the sun, etc. People today are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact many forms of vacationing has and will continue to have on the environment. The goal of this website is to introduce you to many of the options available to you to not only enjoy a fabulous vacation, but also show you ideas, tips, and operators around the world that can make your vacation have less impact on the environment.

Our definition of Eco tourism is as follows:

Any tourist destination that is ;
1. nature based in origin,
2. ecologically sustainable,
3. where education  and interpretation are the main components and
4. where local peoples and their cultures benefit from the experience

If a vacation meets this criteria, then it can be in the broadest terms be called ecotourism. If it does not satisfy
any one of these components then it cannot be called a real ecotourism experience.


If you have any photos, stories, tips, or recommendations for places to stay, please email us at . We would love to hear from you and share what you have learned
  and experienced during your ecotravels.

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